Why influencers are increasingly becoming the only viable marketing channel

The pandemic has propelled brands into unchartered territory when it comes to the way they communicate with their consumers. As the dust settles on our new reality, influencer marketing has emerged as a leading channel for its ability to help brands build communities and engage consumers in a consistent and authentic way.  The uptake in […]

Clicks and Sales Tracking: Complete your marketing funnel with Wearisma’s new tool

How can you accurately measure if you’re generating an impactful and cost-effective influencer marketing campaign? Wearisma’s newest launch is the answer. Our new Clicks and Sales Tracking tool will help you fill in the blanks and generate an accurate picture of your overall ROI. Instead of guessing where your site traffic is coming from, you […]

‘Is this good?’: Your definitive guide to Product Seeding in 3 easy steps

Wearisma’s new series ‘Is this good?’ will provide you with the key metrics to help you understand how to accurately measure the effectiveness of your Influencer Marketing activities and to check whether, well…if it’s good. In the first instalment of the new series we gave insight into ‘what constitutes a good Engagement Rate?’. This week, […]

5 Homeware Brands That are Dominating Social Media

The UK’s homeware industry is worth £13.5B and shows no signs of stopping with an estimated growth of an additional £0.5billion on the cards by 2021. With people spending more time than ever in their homes due to the pandemic, the industry is definitely one to watch. Wearisma’s analytics tool revealed that homeware content saw […]

Why #RealPeople are Your New Marketing Weapon

With diversity and inclusion being at the forefront of our everyday conversations #realpeople are fast becoming one of the most effective collaborators. Dove, Glossier, and Peloton are three companies pioneering #realpeople within their influencer marketing campaigns to great success. We’re living in the age of authenticity where trust and emotional connections build the foundations of […]

5 Black-owned brands creating serious brand buzz!

Last week marks the second Black Pound day, an ongoing campaign to support the growth of black-owned brands in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. Since its inception, Black-owned businesses have seen an uptake in sales but the brands making the biggest waves are those who have actively engaged their online audiences.   We’ve […]