WeArisma CEO in TechRound Advocating for Inclusivity and Equality in Tech this IWD

WeArisma’s CEO Jenny Tsai, has been featured in TechRound, celebrating International Women’s Day 2024, a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women globally and a chance to advocate for inclusivity and equality in the tech world and everywhere else. 

Jenny Tsai tells TechRound “Only 3% of capital investment raised in 2023 was by all-female founder teams according to the latest State of European Tech Report. This is an increase of just 1% since 2019, showing that although there is some improvement, the industry still has a long way to go.”

“Inspire Inclusion is therefore a pertinent International Women’s Day theme for 2024, and inclusive investment must be included in this – not just for women in tech but across all industries. If more capital was directed to female entrepreneurs, we may have a very different landscape in terms of IPOs and unicorns.”

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