influence Analytics

Discover the right influencers to work with and evaluate effectiveness

Find the Right Influencers

Discover influencers who align with your brand values and excel in your industry category. Our curated community features vetted influencers from over 70+ countries, spanning multiple social media channels and content categories.
Make informed, data-driven decisions on who to partner with by analysing the success of their past brand collaborations.
Ensure your current influencers effectively reach the right audiences, amplifying your brand’s impact.

Effectiveness Measurement

Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the influencers you choose to work with across brand and performance metrics and key social media channels.
Closely track your campaign, event or gifting performance in real-time.
Identify the individual strengths of influencers and leverage them to maximum effect in your strategies.

Growing your Online Community

Discover consumer advocates that already generate high engagements for your brand and align with your values. Activate these consumers by turning them into your influencers through strategically planned partnerships.
Evaluate whether your influencer investments are leading to more consumer content and online brand buzz, and how to increase impact.