Trending topics Q2 2020: What’s driving conversations in the UK, USA, France, Japan, and Italy?

Now more than ever, social media is looked at as an essential means of communication so brands must understand the topics that are driving conversations in their key markets. Wearisma’s Insights team has pulled the most trended hashtags from Q2 and, unsurprisingly, #StayHome has emerged as a top contender across the board. However, as you’ll […]

[UPDATED] Is this good?: Your definitive guide to measuring the cost and impact of your influencers

Wearisma’s new series ‘Is this good?’ will provide you with the key metrics to help you understand how to accurately measure the effectiveness of your Influencer Marketing activities and to check whether, well…if it’s good. Update: We’ve just made it that much easier for you to accurately measure the effectiveness of your Engagement Campaigns! Wearisma’s […]

From Gymshark to Peloton, 5 health and wellness brands that are dominating social media

The Fitness Industry in the UK alone is worth a whopping £3.8B, but with lockdown leading to the closure of gyms, the industry was expected to suffer. However, consumers adapted. As they shifted to in-home or outdoor workouts, the buzz surrounding health & fitness began to rise. In fact, Wearisma’s data tracked an 84% increase […]

Wearisma Launches ‘Disrupting the Timeline’ Video Podcast

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new video podcast series ‘Disrupting the Timeline’ Every month we’ll be joined by a series of industry experts where we discuss how to cut through the noise, generate meaningful impact, and cultivate engaged online communities. Marketing is changing faster than ever. Join us in disrupting the timeline to […]

How has #beauty changed in APAC in 2020? – Part 2 [Infographic]

In the first half our ‘How has beauty changed in APAC in 2020?’ infographic series, we looked into the strategies winning among beauty audiences in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Using Wearisma’s intelligent brand analytics tool, in the instalment, we’re zooming in on Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea.  Discover how celebrity-driven campaigns, video content […]

How has #beauty changed in APAC in 2020? – Part 1 [Infographic]

The first half of 2020 has been tough for many beauty brands. With lockdown enacted, events were cancelled, resulting in considerable performance drops, particularly those with event led strategies. However, Wearisma’s insights reveal that in APAC, the beauty industry is bouncing back. Engagements with #Beauty content across APAC have increased by 45% between Q2 and […]