Top influencer tagged brands of 2017: From ASOS to Anastasia of Beverly Hills

  This holiday season, Wearisma has a gift for you. Our data science team has run the analysis to determine the most tagged brands for fashion and beauty in the UK this year. These lists, which reflect engagement from influencers, both partnership-based and organic, depict the ever-evolving nature of brand engagement. This holiday is the […]

[LinkedIn] Gifting and Influencer Marketing: A Case Study with Pixi Beauty

[Image credits: @nicolerodger, @karenbritchick] This post was originally posted on LinkedIn by Founder & CEO of Wearisma, Jenny Tsai. If you follow any influencers on social media, chances are you’ve seen content fueled by gifting. Think Cristiano Ronaldo thanking TAG Heuer for the “kind gift” followed by their signature slogan #dontcrackunderpressure, or your favourite beauty […]

[Advertising Week] Optimise Your Influencer Marketing with Tips from a Fantasy Football Expert

Winning in influencer marketing is all about strategising for long-term success. Rather than working with whichever influencers are available at a given time, invest the time to research their background, and you’ll build a valuable, lasting relationship. With an arsenal of relevant and dedicated influencers, your brand is certain to shine. Here at Wearisma, we like to think […]

Wearisma to host two panels on the future of Influencer Marketing

Keep your diary free this summer and join Wearisma at upcoming industry-led panel events that shine a light on the influencer space. Campaign Brand Exchange This week, Wearisma will host a panel of experts to discuss where Influencer Marketing is heading. Titled What does the future of Influencer Marketing hold? Lessons from Skinade, Bomb Petite […]

What are the risks of influencer marketing without research and strategy?

[ credits: @markwickens, @maria_bernad]   You know the drill: you’ve got an event next week and need to plan your social ASAP. Time to reach out to as many influencers (or brief as many agencies) as possible, and pray a handful can do a cheap sponsored post. The more social the better, right? But even […]

[LinkedIn] Lessons from Milan: how luxury brands approach influencer marketing

This post was originally posted on LinkedIn by Founder & CEO of Wearisma, Jenny Tsai. With over 75% of wealthy internet shoppers actively using social media, we no longer question if luxury brands should be on social. Nowadays, these brands are thinking critically about how (and where) they engage online and what the impact is. […]