What % Of Influencers Post Sponsored Content?

Earlier this year, Bazaarvoice commissioned research into the attitudes of consumers across the UK, Germany, and France about their attitude towards influencers. They found that: 47% of consumers are “fatigued” by repetitive sponsored posts by influencers 49% of consumers would like to see stricter enforcement of rules for sponsored content 62% felt that influencer content […]

Beauty in Asia: Micro or Macro Influencers? (South Korea and Japan Edition)

The Asian beauty market is defined by its ability to swiftly launch new brands, new products and new technologies charged by the adoption of the digital world which is completely reshaping the retail market. With over 9.9% of beauty product sales occurring online in Asia, digital channels have lowered barriers to entry, enabling consumers from […]

The Beauty Brands That Dominated China In August

In August, the Chinese microblogging platform, Weibo announced that it saw an increase of growth in Q2 (via younger users joining the platform) of 70 million additional users amounting to a total of 431 million monthly active users. Weibo is on the rise again as this is coupled with net revenues of $426.6m in Q2 […]

Is The New Instagram Algorithm Impacting Influencer Engagement?

Overview It cannot be denied that Instagram is still an important force for many brands. The beauty community on Instagram contains up to 200 million fans, making up 25% of the whole of Instagram’s community according to Digi Day. One of the biggest conversations this year has been about the impact of Instagram’s new algorithm […]

What Makes An Influencer “Right” For You?

Hello all! There have been many interesting conversations surrounding what makes an influencer “right” and how to choose them, comparing factors such as their reach, relevance and engagement. We discuss this below, in an attempt to help you make the most effective decisions possible. As always, any feedback or comments or if you want to […]

Wearisma 2017 UK Beauty Influencer Marketing Trends: Top 5 Insights

Hello all! Happy Spring Time (even though the weather may not look it this week in London). Our data scientists here at Wearisma have been hard at work making sense of all influencer data from all parts of the world. This month we focused on extracting the top trends in the UK Beauty Market. Stay […]