WeArisma in Your Coffee Break on the Top ‘Glass Skin’ Beauty Brands 

Discover the top ‘glass skin’ beauty brands demonstrating the power of effective brand x influential sources triggering trends in our latest feature in Your Coffee Break.

The ‘glass skin’ beauty trend, characterised by a clear and poreless complexion, first appeared on social media in 2018, but reached its peak virality this year. “Content/mentions for ‘glass skin’ peaked in Feb 2024 with 111% YoY increase – hinting at continued momentum for being a key beauty trend this year.”

Our data reveals the beauty brands that became ‘glass skin’ favourites this year and the influential sources driving the excitement around the trend. Charlotte Tilbury, MAC and then Garnier emerged as the frontrunners among the preferred brands to achieve the perfect ‘glass skin’ look. 

Charlotte Tilbury’s skincare line, featuring products like the Magic Water Cream and Glow Toner, has garnered significant attention, tallying up 1.6k mentions across social media platforms. Beauty YouTubers using the skincare products in their ‘glass skin’ tutorials heavily contributed to Charlotte Tilbury achieving the highest media value of $6.5M.

MAC’s collaboration with Kali Ledger drove their success as the influencer’s video using MAC’s Hyper Real skincare products to achieve glowy skin generated an engagement rate of 327.85%. The beauty brand reached an impressive media value of $6.3M.

Hydration is key for ‘glass skin’, a feature that Garnier strategically capitalised on to promote their skincare line and generate a media value of $5.6M. The beauty brand collaborated with influencer Verónica Sánchez in several pieces of content demonstrating how hydrating Garnier’s skincare products are.

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