About Us

WeArisma was one of the first influencer marketing solutions. Our longest, independent worldwide data panel and insights make us the only solution on the market with the capability to objectively evaluate influencer effectiveness.

Our mission is to bring independent measurement, accountability and effectiveness to the influence economy. 

Our solutions enable professionals from brands and agencies to develop impactful influencer strategies, evaluate the effectiveness of influencer partnerships and optimise return on investment.

We empower our clients across multiple sectors with the tools they need to revolutionise their influencer marketing approach, and our technology is designed to be easy-to-use for everyone – from practitioners to C-level executives. 

Since our inception in 2015, we have been powering global brands like New Look, Coty and more, with user-friendly software, intelligent and independent data and actionable insights.

Our team

WeArisma was founded by a group of tech and digital media professionals who are passionate about building intuitive tool sets that fit seamlessly into your organisations. We pride ourselves on having an incredibly diverse team, with members who speak over 16 languages based across offices in both EMEA and APAC. Our diversity means we understand the nuances of how culture, perception, and interests differ by geography and by organisation.

Our strengths lie in the extensive expertise across the WeArisma team, ranging from engineering, influencer marketing and data science, to product development, communication and market research. These skills, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the influencer marketing sector, enable our team to provide the qualitative and quantitative insights needed to support brands and agencies in achieving their goals.

At the helm of our team is Jenny Tsai, a pioneer of the marketing technology landscape and the founder and CEO of WeArisma. Jenny is a prominent and inspiring leader in digital marketing, whose work enabling influencers and brands to connect and establish hugely successful partnerships has transformed the world of influencer marketing. With an impressive international media career spanning TV, print, and digital media, and an educational background in finance and engineering, Jenny brings a unique skill-set at the intersection of tech, data, and creativity to WeArisma.