About Us

Wearisma was founded by a group of tech and digital media professionals, passionate about building the most intuitive toolsets that seamlessly fit into your organisations, taking into account the nuisances of how culture, perception and quality differ by geography and by organisation.

Our mission is to build a machine to do your heavy lifting on repetitive tasks, build intelligent technology that works in the background so you hardly notice and let you, the strategic and creative communications and marketing professionals to design the best influencer and content strategies to delight, together, the audience.

Our Founder

Jenny Tsai, the founder and CEO of Wearisma, leads digital marketing by connecting influencers and brands through social media and insights.

Before founding Wearisma, Jenny’s role at magazine publisher Hearst saw her lead international digital strategy working with diverse sets of teams and partners from the UK, Germany, China to
Brazil.. As the company’s then youngest Digital Media Director, she grew and monetised audiences for publications such as ELLE and Cosmopolitan in over 50 countries outside of the US.

Jenny’s vision is to create intuitive technology for users – to let technology works for you, not the other way around. Jenny brings a unique skill set at the intersection of tech, data and creativity to Wearisma, as a financial engineer by training with a media career spanning from TV to print to digital media. Jenny has an engineering degree from Princeton University and a development policy master’s degree from Cambridge. She speaks six languages and always ready to learn a few more. She is passionate about using them to truly appreciate our commonalities and differences in thoughts, ideas, humours, motivation, cultures and source of influence from different parts of the world.


If you would like more information on the services we provide and how we can assist you with optimising your influencer solutions, please get in contact at hello@wearisma.com. Or, subscribe to our mailing list to receive a biweekly newsletter on the latest trends in influencer marketing.

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