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We help our clients increase the effectiveness of their influencer marketing strategy, optimise investment and grow brand equity.

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Industry influence
Benchmark and analyse your industry influence.
influence Analytics
Discover the right influencers to work with and evaluate effectiveness.
influence Optimisation
Identify opportunities to increase your influence at every level of spend.

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Frequently asked questions

Earned influence analytics delves into the organic reach and resonance of a strategy. It assesses how audiences discuss a brand beyond direct marketing channels. This organic, or ‘earned’ influence, showcases a brand’s genuine impact, making it an essential metric for gauging true brand resonance.

Agencies can utilise our platform to enhance their influencer marketing capabilities. With real-time insights and data-driven recommendations, agencies can offer unparalleled value to clients, creating campaigns that genuinely resonate and engage.

We provide clear insights into a brand’s current influence and offers tools and analytics to foster its growth. By evaluating campaign effectiveness and audience engagement, brands can make informed decisions to elevate their industry influence.

We offer comprehensive tools that empower brands to set industry benchmarks and analyse their influence. This understanding of their position in the broader industry landscape enables brands to devise strategies that elevate their influence, ensuring competitiveness and relevance.

Our platform stands out by offering a holistic approach. Not only does it connect brands with the right influencers, but it also provides real-time analytics to measure campaign impact and benchmark performance against competitors. This ensures brands can refine their strategies based on genuine data, leading to optimal investment and authentic community engagement.

It is a specialised digital tool that bridges the gap between brands and influencers. It offers a comprehensive view of influencer campaigns, enabling brands to find the right influencers to partner with, and then to measure, optimise, and understand the effectiveness of their initiatives.

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