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Build relevancy and trust with the 3.5 billion of social consumers with an influencer-led community approach today.

Problem: Difficulty measuring your investment in influencer marketing and outreach and showcasing success.

Solution: Wearisma enables you to understand and quantify the value of your Influencer relationships. Our digestible, data-driven reporting tools help you track the performance of your campaigns in relation to your KPI’s.

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Problem: Needing to accelerate your influencer strategy and increasing your earned share of voice.

Solution: Re-evaluate and adjust your current strategy through identifying easily missed organic content giving you closer insight into the existing conversations surrounding your brand. Use Wearisma’s monitoring reports to help inform your decision making.

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Problem: Difficulty measuring and managing your influencer strategy across multiple territories, teams, or campaigns.

Solution: Wearisma’s platform has been designed with team collaboration in mind. All of your Influencer’s information, history and processes can be accessed, aggregated and analysed globally across your entire department - whether it’s a team of two or two hundred.

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Problem: Unaware of which social-and-digital-first startups and competitors are chipping away at your brand equity

Solution: Wearisma’s automatic tracking and measurement functions will reveal how your competitors are performing and what you can do today to defend and improve your positioning within this continually evolving digital landscape.

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Problem: Spending long hours researching and finding the right Influencers.

Solution: With Wearisma’s easy-to-use Influencer discovery tool, you can discover the perfect Influencers for your brand in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re looking for someone internationally renowned or someone within a specific niche, our platform does all the hard work for you.

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Problem: Trouble figuring out how to effectively evaluate and compare your chosen Influencers.

Solution: Wearisma’s platform of verified Influencers includes a comprehensive breakdown of Influencer metrics including which brands they have worked with in the past, how they’ve performed in past paid campaigns, how their performance has changed over time and more. Our in-depth, up-to-date information allows you to build transparency into your Influencer strategy.

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Wearisma is a great tool and has been important in helping us develop a strategic way in which we evaluate our current influencer partnerships. We especially like the reports as they give us interesting insights into the H&M influencer space and help us discover new influencers to work with in the future.

- H&M

We really enjoyed working together with Wearisma. The team is innovative, fun to work with and always problem solving. Their influencer marketing scheme was executed flawlessly and successfully increased the awareness of our brand.

- Pixi Beauty

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