Industry influence

Benchmark and analyse your industry influence.

Multi-metric Industry Intelligence

Identify where you rank in your industry with intelligent multi-metric benchmarking across key media channels.
See which influencers and content are driving your industry-wide growth, and understand why you are where you are – and how to improve.


Evaluate performance by measuring your strengths against competitors using key effectiveness metrics.


Identify where to spend, who to partner with, which platforms to focus on, and what performance you can expect to see as a result.


Determine the direction of growth, increase your market share, overtake competitors and generate results.


Evolve your strategy further by benchmarking your effectiveness against key competitors on a local and global scale.
Compare performance in clear reports segmented by products, product categories, events, campaigns and general market share.

Identify which strategies are working for your brand and demonstrate your campaign success with easy to read reports and bespoke analyses.

Make data-backed decisions on how to improve and outpace your competition, empowered by our detailed insights.

Unlock new influence opportunities and get ahead of your competitors.