influence Optimisation

Identify opportunities to increase your influence at every level of spend

Campaign Optimisation & Forecasting

Measure the gap between your current and potential success. Identify key areas for improvement potential and set future performance targets.
Forecast influencer strategy effectiveness based on individual influencer performance across different social media channels.
Showcase which social media platforms and individual influencers are driving growth.

Top Performing Influencer Identification

Optimise your influencer portfolio by working with the top performing brand and industry influencers and evaluate the effectiveness of your chosen influencers across key social media channels. Benchmark how they have performed for you versus other brands in your industry.
Assess and analyse your influencer selections by understanding whether those you endorse are reaching the right audiences and driving growth.

Industry Influence Growth

Analyse and learn from competitor strategies by finding out what types of influencers they are working with across different platforms.
Identify where to spend, who to partner with, which platforms to focus on and what performance you can expect to see as a result.
Showcase the success of your influencer investments via industry-wide rankings on both a global and local level.