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WeArisma CEO in Advertising Week on the Most Successful Luxury Earned Media Strategies This Event Season

CEO Jenny Tsai wrote an article for Advertising Week discussing how luxury fashion brands have elevated celebrity partnerships this event season. 

Celebrity influence remains a dominant force for luxury brands, yet our earned media analytics unveils a strategic evolution in marketing tactics.

🎬 Riding on the cultural wave of Hollywood’s films and trend

Luxury brands are embracing “method dressing,” aligning fashion with character portrayal in TV and film. Emma Stone’s Louis Vuitton ensembles as her ‘Poor Things’ character generated $6.5M in media value, while Margot Robbie’s Giorgio Armani Barbie-inspired outfits yielded $5M, showcasing the power of narrative alignment in creating brand impact. 

🌟 Partnerships with celebrities at the forefront of popular culture

Gucci’s collaboration with Taylor Swift secured an impressive 33% of its $22M media value, with Swift’s individual media value surpassing $109M across just two shows, underscoring the significance of strategic partnerships. 

🌍 Collaborations with influential regional celebrities to increase share of voice in key market

Partnerships with APAC personalities are pivotal for capturing Asia’s luxury market. Famous APAC celebrities have driven an impressive $74.6M in media value for 20 of the top luxury brands this award season. Dior and Cartier led with a combined media value of $74.6M, while Versace’s collaborations with regional icons like Ningning and Hyunjin yielded $380K in media value, emphasising the importance of effective local engagement strategies. 

The 2024 Red Carpet season highlights the transformative impact of authentic partnerships in driving brand visibility and affinity. 

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