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WeArisma in Marketing Tech News: How our AI-Powered Visual Search Tool is Revolutionising Influencer Marketing 

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been featured in Marketing Tech News, a leading outlet for digital marketing insights and industry analysis. They discussed how our latest AI-powered visual search tool is helping brands and agencies discover influential sources.

Our industry-first tool leverages our global earned media data beyond keyword searches. It uses visual analysis to identify featured items, traits, people, text in images, and more within influential sources’ content, positioning forward-thinking brands and agencies to lead the way and boost their earned media strategy success.

Marketers must explore AI developments as they are transforming the marketing landscape. With Google’s announcement on using Generative AI in search, brand discoverability will face challenges, with analysts predicting a decrease in direct traffic to websites by up to 40%, making word-of-mouth and influencer marketing more crucial. 

Leveraging our AI-powered visual search tool, brands and agencies are now empowered to:

🔍 Find and partner with influencers celebrating life events that align with brands and products. 

🌍 Ensure influencer communities are diverse and inclusive. 

💁 Deliver striking visual consistency across all social and influencer campaigns.

🤖 Identify the right influencers for successful cross-brand collaborations.

👀 Gain insights into competitor visual influencer strategies to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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