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WeArisma’s Partnership with Jing Daily: How Global vs. Local Beauty Brands Perform in China, June Edition

Our monthly beauty leaderboard with Jing Daily is now live! As China’s largest mid-year 618 shopping festival unfolds this month, beauty brands have been able to boost their online presence. 

 🇨🇳 Local stars:

Proya dominated the 618 beauty buzz with a record-breaking $12.6M media value! The Guangdong couple (@广东夫妇) contributed $10.6M through 6 Douyin livestreams during the festival, highlighting the power of consistent posting during local events like 618 to boost brand visibility and share of voice.

Winona earned $1.4M in media value, as blogger Yuantuma (@原图妈) posted about Winona 10 times. Her consistent support of the local beauty brand underscores the importance of cultivating strong influencer relationships. 

Chando generated a media value of $520.4K, Chinese influencer Yizhi Jingzhu (@一只静猪) mentioned Chando skincare products in a Douyin, generating a media value of $144.5K, emphasising the brand’s resonance in the Chinese beauty market and daily skincare routines.

🌐 International leaders:

SK-II generated a media value of $3.8M. The Guangdong couple’s (@广东夫妇) Douyin livestreamed sales session directly from a SK-II counter generated $3.5M in media value, reinforcing SK-II’s market leadership and engagement in China. 

Fenty Beauty boosted its presence in China this month, earning $1.2M in media value. The brand has consistently dominated the Chinese market through its partnership with Sephora China and working with local influencers that align with Fenty Beauty and its community. Influencers Ma Baoer (@马宝儿) and Xuanzi Freya (@弦子Freya), generated $251.7K and $136.3K in media value, both  showcasing product diversity and inclusivity, critical elements for international beauty brands aiming to establish a strong share of voice in China.

Shiseido achieved significant success this month, generating a media value of $923.1K. A major contributor to this achievement was actress Liu Yifei. Just one of her weibo posts, accounted for $601.7K in media value. This highlights how a single mention by a popular local star with substantial reach can greatly enhance the brand impact in China. 

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