WeArisma CEO in SheCanCode Celebrating This IWD’s Theme: Inspire Inclusion

WeArisma’s CEO, Jenny Tsai, has been recognised by SheCanCode for her contributions to promoting inclusion in the tech world. 

Jenny Tsai on inclusive investment and inspire inclusion:

“This year, the International Women’s Day theme resonates deeply with us: Inspire Inclusion. Only 3% of capital investment in 2023 was allocated to all-female founder teams, as highlighted in the latest State of European Tech Report. This represents just a 1% increase since 2019, indicating that while there is some improvement, there is still a long way to go. “

“Here at WeArisma, we’re proud to say that over 64% of our team is composed of amazing women. Inclusive investment must be a priority not just for women in tech, but across all industries. Creating an environment where women can not only thrive but also lead has always been fundamental to our success.”

“Let’s continue to support each other, push boundaries, and co-create a more inclusive future! Dive into the article below to discover more about the inspiring women shaping the tech landscape!”

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