WeArisma in Harper’s Bazaar on the Most Influential Luxury Brands of the Award Season

Our latest feature in Harper’s Bazaar talks about how the awards season plays a significant role for luxury brands to boost visibility and gain more influence by dressing the right celebrities at these events.

Our powerful AI-backed influencer data and analytics platform suggests that Italian fashion house Versace was the most talked about brand of the 2024 award season. Throughout the season, Versace was seen worn by names like Margot Robbie and America Ferrera at the Oscars, Selena Gomez at the SAG Awards and Olivia Rodrigo at the Grammys, and was mentioned in over 900 posts by influential social media sources with a collective media value of roughly £24 million.

Coming in second was Dior, bringing in £19 million of media value as a result of dressing celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman for several events. Following closely behind was Gucci, with £18 million in media value. 

Our analysis also finds the top three most influential celebrities, who have contributed to brand success and managed to spark meaningful discourse on social media platforms. 

The most talked about celebrity is Taylor Swift, whose appearances resulted in 3,375 pieces of social media content with a total media value of £85 million.

Followed closely by Margot Robbie, wearing brands like Versace, Armani, Schiaparelli, and Balmain, frequently dressed in Barbie-inspired attires, helping brands gain at least $4 million in total media value over the course of the awards season. Coming in third was Emma Stone who partnered with Louis Vuitton throughout the season. 

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