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WeArisma’s Partnership with Jing Daily: How Global vs. Local Beauty Brands Perform in China, March Edition

La Mer, Pat McGrath Labs, and NARS Cosmetics were the most successful international beauty brands in China this March. A new campaign entitled “Beyond The Surface” featuring La Mer’s ambassador, South Korean actress Jun Ji-hyu, immensely boosted the brand’s performance in March. La Mer’s staggering media value of $762.6K highlights the significance of campaigns with influential sources and meticulously assigned brand ambassadors. 

Meanwhile, Proya, Water, and Florasis were the most influential local brands, each generating impressive media values of over $1M. Proya’s success as the most influential brand in the Chinese market this month can largely be attributed to discounts and special offers shared by Chinese influencers; a marketing strategy that proves the impact of both exclusivity and influential sources to bridge the gap between customer and brand.

Stay tuned for the next leaderboard to discover which top beauty brands are activating their share of voice in the Chinese market. 

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