Wearisma in Cew UK on China’s Beauty Landscape and How Brands Can Win There Now

China’s beauty landscape is difficult to compete in, with its ever-changing consumer preferences. While e-commerce platforms like Tmall and JD have traditionally been the entry path in China for beauty brands, the market is evolving. Social media platforms like Douyin, which is often dubbed as the Chinese counterpart of TikTok, now play major roles. This shift signifies a significant evolution in the way brands establish their presence and drive their brand impact in China.

“According to a report by JingDaily, among local beauty brands, Aupres, Proya, and Florasis secured the top three spots in media value, according to WeArisma. Pechoin and Flower Knows followed closely behind.”

By leveraging the power of collaboration with influential sources on Douyin and other popular social media platforms in China, these brands captured attention and amplified their brand share of voice. 

By adapting to the dynamic market and understanding the power of influencers on platforms like Douyin, local beauty brands can optimise their strategies for maximum impact and compete with large international beauty brands in China. 

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