WeArisma in Your Coffee Break on TikTok’s Most Unusual Beauty Trends 

We reveal the most unusual beauty trends that have taken TikTok by storm:

Meredith Duxbury’s Foundation Routine: Beauty influencer, Meredith Duxbury’s viral TikTok trend involves applying multiple layers of foundation and concealer for a flawless finish. Cathy Nguyen tops the influencer charts for this trend with 4,363,550 engagements.

Tomato Girl Makeup: This trend focuses on achieving a tomato-like hue on the cheeks while maintaining natural, clean skin. This trend achieved 898,320 engagements, with Atosa Aghakhani toping the influencer chart. 

Straw Contouring: Users use the end of a straw to apply liquid foundation, concealer, blush, and bronzer before blending with a brush. This make-up challenge generated 20,687,287 engagements and influencer Colleen Milner topped the chart with her collaboration with NYX Cosmetics.

Blue Foundation: Influencers use blue foundation alongside traditional ones to offset yellow undertones. This make-up challenge received a total of 36,884,998 engagements, with Darcei Amanda topping the influencer engagement charts.

Cold Girl Makeup: This trend aims to recreate the appearance of coming in from the cold, generating over 1,782,061 engagements, with Alena Gonzalez topping the influencer charts for her inspired look.
Latte Makeup: This trend emulates a bronzed goddess, it’s has received over 74,776,744 engagements. Armani Beauty collaborated with TikTok beauty influencers, such as Kayliah Balou, to create the ‘Latte’ appearance.

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