WeArisma CEO in Tech Round on the future of Threads

The future of Threads is under the spotlight! Despite a strong start, Threads faces stiff competition from Twitter (X) and a drop in daily users. 

WeArisma CEO, Jenny Tsai, comments on the potential for Threads in the advertising arena.

“After attracting over 100 million users in its first five days, Threads is now raising questions about its potential to outpace X’s brand spend when it launches advertising due to its delayed European launch and the significant loss of active users has been reported.

“That said, in the world of social media and brand marketing, where brand safety and reputation are paramount considerations for brands and advertisers, one of the reasons why brands have been drawn to advertising on Instagram over Twitter (X) is the former’s stronger emphasis on brand safety and content moderation.

“From a reputation standpoint, the links between Threads and Instagram will likely prove advantageous, particularly as Meta has already indicated it’s committed to making the environment for communities on Threads ‘friendly’, which will make it more attractive to brands and influencers. X’s lack of robust moderation and the recent announcement to remove the blocking feature, on the other hand, has decreased brand trust in the platform.

“With a focus on ensuring a positive and supportive space, Threads may become the more attractive option for brands and content creators seeking a platform that prioritises reputation, community and brand safety.”

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