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WeArisma in Marie Claire Taiwan on Successful Barbie Fashion Collaborations

Barbie film global box office sales drove an impressive 800 million dollars but the economic impact fostered by the wave of Barbiecore goes way beyond this….

WeArisma analysed the Barbie X Brand X Influencer collaborations of 14 notable fashion brands, revealing the most successful partnerships in driving brand media value. 

Zara rose to the top with its Barbie-related content delivering $6.8M in media value. This was followed by Primark ($4.6M), ALDO ($3.7M) and Forever 21 ($2.4M).

Fossil’s partnership saw its Barbie-related content accounting for 24% of its overall media value

amongst influential sources between March and July, which values the content generated by

influencers, celebrities and the press. This was followed by Superga (12.7%) and Cotton On (11%).

A common thread amongst these brands is that they collaborated with well-known influencers such as Alessandra (@aly_sf) unboxing a pair of Aldo’s Barbie heels on TikTok and Dominique

(@playygirldom) sharing her shopping experience at Forever 21 on TikTok, which helped to boost their media value.

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