WeArisma in WWD on Barbie, fashion brand and influencer collaborations

 “Barbie” film partnerships generated a media bonanza for brands including Fossil, Superga and Cotton On, according to new research set to be published Tuesday by WeArisma, the data analytics company that measures the marketing power of online influencers and celebrities.”

WeArisma CEO, Jenny Tsai on Barbie’s collaborations with fashion brands and influencers:

The collaborations, and subsequent influencer and celebrity promotion deals “demonstrate just how powerful co-creation and partnerships can be if they are executed well; and across the right social media channels, and if both parties are aligned when it comes to their shared communities. It also highlights just how important it is for brands to work with the right influencers if they want to maximize the awareness of their Barbie collaborations across joint communities.” The “huge rise in media value indicates how Barbie-inspired partnerships have resonated on social media channels, no doubt driven by authentic interactions from the brands, influencers and their Gen Z and Millennial followers.”

“WeArisma analyzed Barbie-related content for 14 brands that collaborated with the “Barbie” film and then brought influencers on board to promote the merchandise..” 

Find out who the other notable fashion brands are and how much media value these partnerships contributed.

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