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Be discovered by the top brands in the world.

Be paid to create.

At Wearisma we believe influencers should be rewarded accordingly for the art and communities they create. Unlike marketplaces, we do not take any of your earnings.

Build direct relationships with top premium and luxury brands worldwide.

Joining Wearisma's community enables you to be discovered by some of the biggest and best brands in the world. Collaborate directly, without any third-party providers in between.

Control your content and pricing.

We believe that only influencers know the content that will resonate with their audiences. On Wearisma you have complete control over the brands you want to work with. Receive a brief, submit your own asking price and develop one-to-one relationships directly.

Exciting campaign opportunities, easy collaboration.

Wearisma is one of the best companies to work with in the industry because of how reliable, professional and easy they are to work with! Campaigns with them are always easy and hassle free with the content always prioritised.

- Em Sheldon, Reach: 200k

I look forward to the opportunities I get from Wearisma because I know they’re filled with exciting and great campaign offers. I’ve worked with the team since 2015 and they’re some of my favourite people.

- Sophie Milner, Reach: 100k

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