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As Valentine’s day draws near, love is in the air and #CoupleGoals are on our timelines. While declining marriage rates may have you questioning the legitimacy of the ‘Happily Ever After’, they fail to reveal the changing shape of modern day romance. For example, the UK’s Office of National Statistics reported that the fastest growing family type consists of consensual unions and cohabiting couples. These family types more than doubled from 1.5 million in 1996 to 3.3 million in 2017. With Millennials being declared as a generation of online-over-sharers, a significant proportion of their content consists of their significant others and Influencer Marketers will do well to take advantage of this.

Countless articles exist which detail how the single majority generally views online couples with great disdain. However, our analysis, generated from a host of successful Influencers worldwide has revealed that we’re not as green-eyed as all that.

Are Two Influencers Really Better than One?

In the UK, Birmingham based beauty and lifestyle influencer Shantania Beckford (@Shantaniabeckford) who has collaborated with the likes of Ghost Fragrances and Too Faced Cosmetics achieves an average engagement rate of 6.29%. However, when Beckford posts content with her partner Nicola Finlay (@finlay_nicola) her engagement rate increases to 8.05%.

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Source: @Shantaniabeckford/ Instagram

One of Italy’s most popular Fashion Influencers Mariano Di vaio (@marianodivaio) has a sizeable following that currently stands at 6.2 million and his children and Influencer wife, Eleonora Brunacci Di Vaio (@eleonorabrunaccidivaio) feature heavily on his feed. Despite having considerably less followers than her husband, Eleonora adds value to Mariano’s content as his engagement rate increases by 0.86% when she’s featured.

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Source: @marianodivaio/ Instagram

France’s Betty Autier (@bettyautier) and Mathieu LeBreton (@DAAAMN) have been described as a contemporary fairytale, ‘the one with the fashion blogger and her photographer boyfriend’. Similar to the Di Vaio’s, despite Autier having nearly ten times more followers than her partner, the two work best together. Our analysis revealed that Autier’s engagement rate nearly doubles when LeBreton is tagged.

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Source: @bettyautier/ Instagram

In the states, one of the world’s most popular beauty influencers Nikkie de Jager (@nikkietutorials), who usually keeps her personal life separate from her online one, recently posted a picture of her new boyfriend which garnered an impressive 7.97% engagement rate – more than 2% above her average.

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Source: @nikkietutorials/ Instagram

Over in Japan, Prince Ryuchell (@ryuzi33world929), a model with more than 1 million follows enthrals his extensive audience with his unique fashion. Ryuchell’s engagement rate increases from 4.41% to 5.08% when he posts his wife of two years, model and singer Tetsuko Okuhira (@pecotecoo).

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Source: @ryuzi33world929/ Instagram

#Couples – A Winning Formula

By working with couple influencers, Marketeers are not only benefiting from increased engagement, they are also doubling their product visibility as couple influencers often mirror each others content. The combined audiences of couples are also more diverse than lone Influencers, giving them the ability to reach a broader range of consumers.

One would be incorrect to assume that content produced by Couple Influencers are limited to relationships or are strictly focused on family dynamics. Who could forget when Murad and Nataly Osmann — the husband-and-wife duo who pioneered the travel focused “follow me to” photo series — became an overnight viral sensation. Doubling up on influencers only serves to increase content possibilities.

In short, Couple Influencers are a great opportunity for  both brands and Influencer Marketers alike. Whether you’re #CoupleGoals or #SingleAF our analysis clearly reveals that across the digital realm, consumers love, love!