Wearima Launches The State of French Beauty Influence with CEW France

Posted by on February 18, 2019

Last Week, Wearisma announced a new, one of a kind partnership with CEW France – an international network of key stakeholders within the world of beauty. This partnership has resulted in the publication of ‘The State of French Beauty Influence’ a joint white paper revealing never before seen, valuable insights into the emerging French beauty Influencer Market.

In a cosy setting located in the heart of Paris, CEW’s Beauty Brunch was full of industry professionals from the likes of Chanel, Sephora and Nuxe all excited to hear about the future of France’s beauty industry. CEW’s General Manager Laurence Moulin, reported that the turnout was one of the groups most successful to date, demonstrating a growing interest not only in this sector, but also in the impact of Influencer Marketing on its growth and development.

PARIS, FRANCE – FEBRUARY 14: (L to R) Louise Marchesin, Jenny Tsai, Sabine Desmarquets and Anaïs Dupuy at CEW’s Beauty Brunch

Up first was Anaïs Dupuy from Kantar Worldpanel, who expertly set the scene by outlining the disposition of consumer behaviour in France such as a prevailing desire for simplified beauty routines and how this desire impacts purchasing decisions. Dupuy also highlighted how the French are buying differently, particularly Online. Building on this was Sabine Desmarquets from Kantar Media who proceeded to reveal surprising insights into the nature of beauty advertising expenditure on various platforms including TV, Press, Radio and Online. These findings provided an expedient segway for Wearisma’s Associate Director of Beauty Louise Marchesin to present the findings from our white paper which revealed surprising insights into the online conversations happening among France’s Influencers.

PARIS, FRANCE – FEBRUARY 14: (L to R) Louise Marchesin presenting ‘The State of French Beauty Influence’ at CEW’s Beauty Brunch

Marchesin revealed the fresh insights that the white paper has to offer including:


  • How Influencer Marketing is supporting innovation, both in terms of facilitating the transition of Indie Brands into Digital Giants, as well as fostering innovation of new bold looks.
  • The most mentioned Beauty ‘Power Player’, ‘Digital Giant’ and ‘Indie’ brands by French Influencers – their methods, who they are using, and why?
  • Why increasing diversity by using Beauty Boys and Men, Specialised MUA’s, Influencers of Colour and Avant-Garde Artists will bring success in 2019.
  • Which specific products are gaining traction with Influencers and therefore, what brands should be highlighting as part of their Influencer Marketing strategy?

To find out more about the development of the Influencer Marketing space in this region, read ‘The State of French Beauty Influence’ which is now available to download.