WeArisma CEO in New Digital Age on the battle for marketing budget between Threads and X

Jenny Tsai for New Digital Age:

“In recent months, we have seen huge changes in the social media landscape as we know it. Not only has long-time heavyweight Meta offered a ‘friendly rival’ to Twitter, but Twitter itself has now rebranded to X.

With big changes afoot, and as each platform evolves its capabilities and offerings, it will be interesting to see how marketing and advertising budgets follow. Let’s take a look at how the two platforms compare.”

Find out:

  • How Threads may attract influencer marketing budgets, with its relation to Instagram. Analytics from WeArisma indicate that last year, investment from global luxury and beauty brands, some of the biggest investors in influencers, was on average 83% on Instagram compared to 2% on X/Twitter.
  • Whether Threads will be able to retain its user base, as Threads saw its user base fall by more than 80% to 8 million within just a few weeks of its launch. However, despite Threads’ smaller user base, it has been reported that brands are getting more engagement on Threads than on X.
  • What the impact of X’s rebranding could be, following X’s rebranding, advertisers and brands are now trying to understand not only what the rebrand means for its users, as the time spent per user fell 7% for the week and daily sessions 6% after the rebrand, but also what the brand means for their own affiliation with the platform.
  • How they compare when it comes to attracting talent and influencers with strong monetisation opportunities, as a central component of the marketing and advertising interest for both platforms will be based on their ability to attract influencers through strong monetisation opportunities

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