Who was France’s most popular Fashion Brand in 2018?

Posted by on December 12, 2018

It’s nearly the end of the year; a reflective time, where we take stock of everything we’ve accomplished thus far. Here at Wearisma, we’ve utilised intelligent data to provide a complete list of the top brands in Beauty, Fashion and Luxury who have conquered Influencer Marketing in four countries (US, UK, Japan and France) in 2018. In this post we’ve revealed the most popular Fashion brands in France. By combining this data with in-depth analysis, we’ve been able to reveal their successful strategies and give insights into the techniques that you should be using in 2019 and beyond!

Zara being the top mentioned fashion brand in France in 2018 can be down to their position as the fashion brand that ‘contributes the most conversations on sustainability’.France’s position as one of the most sustainable countries in Europe suggest that Zara’s conversations on sustainability engage French audiences.

Making an equally serious stride in sustainability is H&M, who achieved the second highest number of mentions in France this year. H&M’s success can also be attributed to their creation of sustainable and socially conscious content such as their #HMGarmentCollecting campaign and their recent promotion of a genderless collection in collaboration with cult footwear brand Eytys. Reports which suggest that millennials enjoy socially responsible marketing further support H&M’s strong positioning.

Mango’s success in achieving the third highest number of mentions can be due to their push towards community building with their #MangoGirls hashtag. Such hashtags encourage the creation of organic content and conversation by encouraging influencers to join the brands tribe.