WeArisma CEO, Jenny Tsai, in Martech Series on whether generative AI is an opportunity or threat to influencer marketing

MarTech Series

As technology continues to evolve, new opportunities and challenges arise in the marketing world. Generative AI is one such technology that has sparked discussions about its potential impact on the influencer marketing industry. While some experts see AI as a way to enhance marketing strategies, others look at the potential risks.

WeArisma’s CEO, Jenny Tsai on how generative AI can help creators: 

“The concern is that the AI-generated content could produce campaigns that are too generic and lack the authenticity that has made influencer marketing so successful.” However, despite this concern, many believe that AI and human influencers can work together to create successful campaigns. 

 “While an influencer’s connection with their communities cannot be replicated by generative AI, the technology can be used to their advantage. Generative AI can help improve the efficiency of creators’ research and content generation process and free up time for them to focus on developing their personalised brand and making sure their content creates the desired trusted connection.”

WeArisma CEO, Jenny Tsai on the opportunity for brands:

“AI’s greater reach allows brands to discover strong-performing influencers that may have previously been overlooked and “moneyball”* their influencer marketing strategies.”

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