WeArisma CEO in New Digital Age on how AI is enhancing earned media RoI measurement

“The landscape of consumers’ purchasing journeys is becoming increasingly fragmented, driven by changing habits in where and how they interact with brands. Indeed, with over 400 billion people on social media, many will now discover brands and products through earned influential sources – namely influencers, celebrities and the press

In response, influencer marketing has emerged as a vital strategy for brands to connect with consumers and influence their buying choices. But how can brands prove the effectiveness of their strategies in driving this commercial impact? The answer is to have a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of influencer RoI, when it comes to short-term performance metrics as well as long-term brand metrics such as brand affinity and loyalty. And AI can help.

Find out:

  • Why we are witnessing a huge shift away from the role of traditional search engines in driving brand affinity and how AI can help
  • Why AI is indispensable in influencer identification 
  • How AI helps influencer measurement and optimisation

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