Sifted Names WeArisma CEO, Jenny Tsai, one of 5 founders to watch in 2023

Source: Sifted

Sanghamitra Karra, Managing director and EMEA head of the Multicultural Innovation Lab at Morgan Stanley: “Different kinds of founders tend to solve different kinds of problems with hugely innovative solutions, there’s a need to over-index and actively “showcase the successes of these extremely talented women”, not just as a question of equity but of business imperative.”

Tsai’s company WeArisma is a SaaS platform providing influencer analytics to global enterprises to optimise marketing spend and to achieve communication objectives. 

Last year, the influencer marketing industry’s worth surpassed $16.4b and 80% of social media users base their purchasing decisions on influencer recommendations. Inspired by the book Moneyball, Jenny applied the principle of data analytics to influencer marketing. 

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