TikTok Integration: Meet Wearisma’s New Solution to the World’s Fastest-Growing App

Posted by on September 30, 2020

With 800 million active users it goes without saying that TikTok has taken over the Social Media sphere. Having been labeled the fastest growing social media platform in the world influencers are flocking to the app to reap the benefits of the high engagement rates and increased exposure. With user numbers increasing by the day, influencer advertising on TikTok is a sought after option for social media marketing. 

Wearisma’s new launch is here to help you successfully navigate TikTok’s community and manage your TikTok partnerships.

Want to demo Wearisma’s TikTok function? Contact a member of our team today!

Source: Wearisma Platform

What does Wearisma’s TikTok integration do?

1. Discovery

Wearisma will help you navigate the TikTok community and discover niche influencers to form partnerships with. 

2. Create Personalised Reports

Our tools create visually pleasing and comprehensive reports on your TikTok campaigns. Downloadable with just one click, the report can be easily shared to demonstrate the value of your influencer investment to your team and clients.

3. Tracking & Benchmarking

With our solution, you’ll be able to track campaigns and any influencers who mention your brand on TikTok. Stay up-to-date with relevant data including Engagement Rates, Comments, and Likes.  Our tracking and benchmarking tools will allow you to easily interpret this data to help you make informed decisions on the next steps for TikTok activities.

Download: For more information on creating a winning TikTok strategy read our free “Is This Good?” guide here. 

Source: Wearisma Platform

Why do you need Wearisma’s new TikTok integration?

Wearisma provides accurate data and tracking

Having access to TikTok’s metrics means you can conduct data-driven influencer selection and make your partnership and investment go further. 

Wearisma’s solution helps you partner with the right people

Wearisma can find the best influencers for cross-platform-promotion by identifying those who perform well across all popular social media platforms. Partnering with these influencers can increase the exposure and range of your campaign. 

Wearisma’s solution can help you drive organic engagement

Our solution can be used to plan future campaigns by giving you insight into the influencers who are already organically promoting your brand to great success. With TikTok rapidly growing, the users performing well for your brand can change by the day. Wearisma can help you easily stay on top of the increase in users and keep track of them.

How will Wearisma’s solution save you time?

  • On our platform, you will have access to countless vetted TikTok influencers handpicked for you to begin discovering. 
  • You can create lists of TikTok influencers to watch/ potentially collaborate with. 
  • Any influencers you partner with can be added to your TikTok influencers under the “My Influencers” tab, so everything is easily accessible and organised. 
  • Create activities to track your chosen influencers.
  • Download comprehensive reports that feature your influencers across all major social media platforms. 

Want to demo Wearisma’s TikTok function? Contact a member of our team today!