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Clicks and Sales Tracking: Complete your marketing funnel with Wearisma’s new tool

How can you accurately measure if you’re generating an impactful and cost-effective influencer marketing campaign? Wearisma’s newest launch is the answer. Our new Clicks and Sales Tracking tool will help you fill in the blanks and generate an accurate picture of your overall ROI.

Instead of guessing where your site traffic is coming from, you can now track links to get accurate data about the influencers, the content and the products that are performing the best for your brand. 

Why you need Clicks and Sales Tracking

Source: Wearisma Platform

This new tool will bring a new level of ease and organisation to your marketing strategy. Tracking links gives you accurate reporting that will help you optimise your marketing, lead generation, and sales funnel. At the click of a button, you can organise the information gathered from your links into useful categories. Having your Google Analytics account integrated with your Wearisma account streamlines the data analysis process leaving you with more time to use the data to improve strategy.

The information gathered from the summary reports will allow you to prove the impact of your influencers and investment in these partnerships. Having a clear picture of which influencers are generating the most sales will be a concrete foundation in helping you decide on future collaborations. 

On top of this, easy access to valuable information such as Cost Per Engagements, Cost Per Click, and Cost Per Acquisition means you have precise figures to report to your team that will support future decisions. 

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How does Clicks and Sales Tracking work?

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Source: Wearisma Platform

Our new Clicks and Sales Tracking tool helps you seamlessly integrate your Google Analytics account to your Wearisma account, which will, in turn, produce comprehensive reports on Clicks and Sales Tracking data. For example, if you were launching a new handbag, you could generate a link to the store page where it can be purchased to distribute to influencers you have partnered with for this campaign. From this link, you can then gather a wealth of information from the number of clicks to sales. The tool is customisable to your specific needs with the option to collect data for the product link as a whole or to go a step further and gather data on the performance of each influencer as well.

What information will I get?

Source: Wearisma Platform

By using the tool and the individually generated links, you will be able to:

  • Track number of clicks
  • Track number of sales
  • Track the geography that is producing the most clicks
  • Measure the number of sales each influencer has generated
  • See how much an influencer’s audience has spent when using their link.

This data will be laid out for you clearly and concisely through a report generated based on the information gathered from your links.

More questions? Contact a member of our team for further information or a demo of the Clicks and Sales Tracking tool. 

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