How to Embrace Diversity… Authentically

With Pride Month going on, we’ve been thinking about the global conversations that now exist on social media that both connect people and allow us to express individuality whilst building collective identities in stronger ways than ever. Now, not only are we individuals who live in physical communities, we have identities that define us online […]

PwC invitation: Scale | Commerce – Executive Evening

We are delighted to invite you to the PWC Scale-up programme Executive evening on 20 June 2019. Wearisma has been chosen to discuss some of the latest innovation in the retail and hospitality sector. Our Scale | Commerce programme connects leaders and decision makers from organisations in the retail and hospitality sector with innovative tech […]

The Top Luxury Car Brands by UK Influencers Q1 2019

Wearisma is excited to announce the launch of ‘The State of UK Automotive Influence’. This new whitepaper is full of data-driven insights, revealing how UK influencers are discussing cars online in Q1 2019. The automotive industry has been described as a vital part of the UK Economy and our research reveals that influencers have a […]

Instagram Branded Content Ads – what does this mean for marketers?

This week, it was announced that Instagram will now allow businesses to push ads posted through influencers to bigger audiences, who may not follow the brand or the influencer. While this may help marketers reach more audience with potentially more targeted creatives, they risk missing the key benefit of working with influencers. At its heart, […]

Wearisma and Hearst Launch ‘The State of UK Automotive Influence’

The automotive industry is without a doubt one of the UK’s key sectors. As with any industry, technological advancements and changing socio-political interests has impacted the landscape of the automotive industry. Last week marked the launch of ‘The State of UK Automotive Influence’, a joint white paper between Hearst and Wearisma. This report provides never-before-seen […]

The Rise of the Sustainability Influencer

Sustainability is now regarded as one of the key factors influencing consumers’ purchase choices. Wearisma investigated how influencers discuss the topic with their audience and how that may be leveraged by luxury brands. Below is a repost from our Founder and CEO Jenny Tsai’s piece in Luxury Briefing. Influencers are using social media to inform […]