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UK Digital Marketing Seminar : Wearisma To Speak

Object:Public free
Field:Innovation business
Venue:Tokyo metropolitan area
Sponsorship:Embassy of the British Embassy in Japan International Trade Dept.

Cooperation:Japan Advertising Association, Japan Advertisers Association
Remarks:free entrance. Simultaneous interpretation available. Capacity 105 people. Those who wish to participate, please register from the relevant link by February 20, 2017 (Monday). In the case of a large number of applications, those who wish to make an individual interview will be given priority, or draw, so please be forewarned. We will let you know whether you will attend after February 21 (Tuesday).
360 Events
Go Media
MPP Global
Ogilvy & Mather
Performance Horizon
Ve Japan

The British Embassy in Tokyo The International Trade Department will hold “UK Digital Marketing Seminar”. We will present Keynote lecture by Neo @ Ogilvy of Digital Media Business Division of Ogilvy & Mather, and latest ad technology solution service by nine companies including UK visiting companies. In addition, we will explore the latest trends of AdTech UK ‘s latest trends, opportunities to collaborate with Japanese companies through editor Taniguchi and panel discussion by UK companies.

Speakers are experts in a wide range of fields, including video ad analysis, influencer analysis engine, VR / 360 ° video, retargeting, content monetization, affiliate management, keyword search. Individual meetings and exchange reception will be held together with the seminar. Please join us.


13:00 Individual meeting
14:30 opening
15:00 Opening remarks
15:10 Keynote speech by Neo @ Ogilvy
15:30 Presentation of UK companies
17: 00 Panel Discussion by Editor-in-Chief Taniguchi of Advertisement Council and UK Companies
17:30 AC reception
19: 00 Termination

Note:Simultaneous interpretation available in Japanese and English

Participating companies


We receive high trust from global clients that identify and manage influences. The company is neither a directory nor a marketplace.

Provide valuable influencers, intelligence and management through unique platforms and expertise, establish optimal influencer portfolio, implement and analyze campaign to improve brand recognition, other considerations, expand sales We support.

The company ‘s system has always carefully selected the best influencers, the number has reached 3,000 so far, and the number of followers is 500 million in 20 countries.

This system allows clients to build the best portfolio that matches their marketing goals, then implement campaigns and gain comprehensive analysis of results. Future plans are to expand business in Japan.


360 Events

Production company of Immersive (immersive) type image specializing in 360 ° video production. We produce various kinds of images in many countries such as Norway, Cuba, Australia, and we make unique photographic equipment (rig) for specialists who are moving shooting at close range.

In addition, the company is the only authorized trainer of GoPro VR in the UK, with only 11 companies worldwide. I am working on various projects with client companies such as Porsche, Getty Images, BBC, Expedia and so on.



It can enjoy various kinds of content such as news, movies, drama, games, disaster information, etc. with high quality without burdening the Wi-Fi in the moving vehicle, bringing great benefits from transportation / mobility business to secondary industry We provide Win – Win system.

Used places are already used in Eurostar, Virgin Trains, trains, buses, boats, airports, hospitals, stadiums, etc. Currently it is in discussions on use at Amtrak, London Heathrow Airport and Singapore Airport.



It is a technology-based company that develops globally and develop machine learning services that draw valuable insights from data. We will use the page crawling algorithm to profile data on behalf of distributors and publishers as well as marketers and developers.

Grapeshot is integrated into all of the key marketplaces of programmatic trading, and core technology can also be used through API. Also, because it can be operated on a large scale, it can efficiently process enormous amounts of data.

The advertisement image request count per month is 7 trillion times, QPS (the number of queries per second) is 3.5 million times, 100 or more languages ​​are recognized, and the segment is classified into 33 languages. We are based in Cambridge, London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney.


MPP Global

“ESuite” of “MPP Global” is a major media business such as newspaper companies, magazines, eBooks and other content providers, OTT (Over-the-Top) such as TV stations, satellite broadcasters, Netflix and Hulu, TVE (TV Everywhere) and other functional enterprise content management platform for major entertainment business.

It is a cloud type platform that provides one-stop, ID identification and access management of digital audience, metering, product / service creation, content MA, CRM, e-commerce, billing and user engagement.


Ogilvy & Mather

With the mission of solving the company’s challenges with ‘Great Work, That Works’ which is powerful to sell goods, the mission is to solve the problem of the company, and the needs of clients through over 500 office networks in various countries, various marketing solution brands We will respond to you with a one stop.

Ogilvy One, one of the service brands, says that Gartner’s global digital marketing agency report in 2016 maintains leadership in services and visions that respond to market needs, and as a “leader · quadrant” It was chosen.


Performance Horizon

It is a leading vendor offering SaaS solutions for digital partner marketing. With its service, companies can connect directly with marketing partners, dramatically increase customer acquisition rates and achieve high profit margins on all online marketing channels.

Through its offices in the United States, Japan, the UK and Australia, the business is based on advertisers generating over 3 billion US dollars of revenue through over 190,000 marketing partners in more than 183 countries worldwide.



Video enterprise company affiliated with News Corporation. Utilizing the 3 trillion views of movie big data and emotion intelligence, we will realize marketing that moves people as well as simply reaching.

91% of 100 advertisers selected by Advertising Age magazine utilize Unruly as a branding strategy. The video network that many premium sites participate is reachable to 1.44 billion people a month.


Ve Japan

Established in February 2014. “Head office” Ve Interactive “was founded in the UK in 2009, is a rapidly growing unicor company now with 34 offices worldwide and 12,000 clients.

With DMP as the core of services, we are developing a platform that can offer on-line conversion improvement solutions and display advertisements on a one-stop basis.



Independent digital creative agency that develops globally. By creating a consistent brand experience, we are helping to make many people’s dreams come true.

Through our unique platform and expertise, we provide highly valued influencers, intelligence and management, building optimal influencer / portfolio, implementation / analysis of campaign to improve brand awareness, other considerations, sales We support expansion.

Beginning in the UK’s studio in the eastern part of the UK in 2008, the company now has offices in the UK, the US, Australia and China and has grown into a company with more than 300 talented people gathered.

The company name was attached based on the fact that the computer is a digital world. But human demands and desires are analog world. AnalogFolk’s mission is to utilize digital to make the analog world better.

Strength is strategy, planning power, executing power of digital marketing strategy, product and service reform, social & content strategy, mobile and data, technical services.


Blue Sky Digital

Specializing in social media marketing, I use Twitter, facebook, Instagram to help brands and companies develop.

By grasping the recipients of advertisement messages sent by brands and understanding their usage of social media, we are building close relationships with customers.

Among the ten years of social media marketing and social media advertising experience, Blue Sky Digital has accumulated advertising and marketing expertise that delivers your business to the most important audience.



We provide all the tools required by publishers and marketers to build and expand effective content experiences on main chat applications.

Use the platform’s core method throughout the chat campaign lifecycle from planning and development to launch and optimization so that deployment of AI utilization chat bots can securely play the core of corporate digital communication strategy I will.

By using the company’s powerful analytical tools, publishers and brands will be able to better understand trends that are becoming the mainstream of the market and customer preferences, and this knowledge ensures long-term consumer confidence This will lead to increased profits.


Cortexica Vision Systems

We provide computer vision solutions to companies that need visual recognition and analysis systems.

This technology makes it possible to search from images and to identify and recognize subjects in live video content. Shopping using photos and videos, identifying user trends and BI (business intelligence) from large numbers of images, monitoring and analysis of live video cameras, and applications for recognizing images and products in photos and videos There is.

Clients include Macy’s, an American department store, Zaland in Germany, John Lewis in the department store in the UK, and Accenture, a global consulting firm.

The company’s innovative and ingenious core technology, developed at Imperial College London in the UK and having a large number of patents, is the state-of-the-art technology in this field and supports the position as a global leader.



One of the world’s leading cyber security companies, the company’s award-winning “Enterprise Immune System” is based on machine learning and mathematical theory developed by Cambridge University experts, We will learn and visualize the life patterns of users and networks, automatically detect new threats independent of rules and signatures.

Dark trace self-learning type appliances are introduced in all industrial fields in 60 countries, visualization of the behavior of the device connected to the SaaS application used in the digital marketing industry and communication among users on the cloud are also visualized · threat is detected I will.


Fresh Relevance

It is a marketing hub for online retailers. Customers now expect personalized services like Amazon.

The company strengthens the customer’s personalized experience, increasing sales by more than 10%, shoppers are enjoying personalized, close interaction with the brand on email, mobile, website.

Meanwhile, marketers take advantage of a multitude of contextual marketing tools to control their customers’ real-time experience on a cost-effective platform.

Integration with your e-commerce system and ESP is quick and easy. You can control all tools such as individual campaigns on websites and emails, recommendations, live videos about email campaigns, trigger emails, Facebook based on shopper behavior and Google’s targeted ads.

Maximize the return on investment by immediately providing important information for each shopper.



An application that can recognize music that is flowing throughout the city, radio, television and so on. As one of the most popular applications in the world, we have over 100 million users per month.

The “Shazam for Brands” platform utilizing image recognition and AR technology is used for many brands such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.



We are building digital strategies and digital assets for various sports organizations such as the International Federation of Federations, international conventions, competition groups in the UK, sports brands.

These digital services include building a website to promote awareness, expanding the competition population, and promoting exchanges with spectators around the world.

In addition, the company’s digital assets will create new revenue streams and strengthen existing assets to build an optimal online platform for fans and spectators, sponsors, athletes, coaches, operators and sports organizations.

Skylab is the top 100 in the publication “World-Class Creative Talent” of the DIT (International Trade Commission) and has been named as the top 100 companies, sports related digital services to overseas organizations for 11 years I am exporting it.

Skylab’s officials have worked in many international conventions, including the International Olympic Committee (IOC), International Football Confederation (FIFA), European Football Confederation (UEFA), host and broadcaster.



Connected technology used on video. Interactive video users with this technology count 18,000 globally, including more than 450 brands, television stations and agencies.

Connected (connecting people and objects) is because you can automatically click and touch people, products, backgrounds on videos by applying award winning artificial intelligence. Industry recognized that using this technology, the interaction will be 9 times more than the Google ad benchmark.

Http: //www.wirewax.com/

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