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WeArisma in Crave Mag on the Hottest Destinations for Winter Sun

Our influencer data and analytics has identified the Canary Islands as the go-to winter destination. Influential sources, Emma Jane, Ben Hanlin, and Catherine Tyldesley, are among those who have made it the most talked about winter sun destination.

Our analysis shows that the UAE and the Caribbean Islands are also popular choices for winter getaways. The UAE maintained its position in second place, despite a 31% decrease in social media mentions compared to last year. 

Cyprus has seen a significant rise in popularity, moving up to 12th spot from 22nd last season. Publication, Conde Nast Traveller, highlighted Cyprus’s year-round appeal. While influencer Elyshia Hockney’s TikTok video from her Paphos trip added to Cyprus’s success in this winter’s rankings.

Luxury hotel brands like the Four Seasons, Jumeirah Group, and Shangri-La have been highly talked about. Vogue’s Facebook post about the Four Seasons Tamarindo in Mexico, in December generated a media value of $413,300, placing the brand at the top. 

Jenny Tsai, founder and CEO of WeArisma, highlights the influence of celebrities and influencers in driving destination popularity. She notes that recommendations from influential figures have a considerable influence on the popularity of destinations, and the travel sector is leveraging this across different platforms. 

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