WeArisma in Digiday on the Significant Impact of Brands at the Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl LVIII made history with a staggering 126 million viewers tuning in to CBS this past Sunday, cementing its status as the largest single TV audience ever recorded. This year saw brands investing in the Super Bowl, including Apple Music and Chinese commerce company Temu.

Our influencer data and analytics identified Apple Music as the most talked about brands among influential sources at the Superbowl across social media with $6.2 million in media value.

Temu, a Chinese company, ran its second consecutive Super Bowl ad. Our analytics ranked Temu among the top 10 most talked about brands on social media during the Super Bowl, generating $817,442 in media value. Temu’s presence signifies a broader trend of diverse players entering the Super Bowl advertising game. 

As Super Bowl advertising continues to evolve, it’s clear that retail brands like Temu are seizing the opportunity to connect with audiences in innovative ways.

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