Wearisma in the New Digital Age on the Most Talked About Brands at the Super Bowl

We’re thrilled to announce our feature in the New Digital Age, where we delve into the most talked about brands at the Super Bowl. With a price tag of $7 million for just 30 seconds of airtime, brands are under immense pressure to ensure their ads make a lasting impact. 

According to Jenny Tsai, CEO of WeArisma, “leveraging celebrities on social media maximises the impact of TV ads, extending their longevity and generating buzz well before the Super Bowl airs.”

Apple Music’s “Where’s Usher?” Teaser Creates $6M Buzz as Halftime Sponsor at Super Bowl

Apple Music, sponsor of the halftime show, generated significant social media buzz, through their teaser video, “Where’s Usher,” featuring Ludacris, Lil Jon, and Taraji P. Henson, searching for Usher in Vegas, achieved over $6 million in media value. 

Brands Score Big with NFL Legends

Savvy brands appealed to the Super Bowl fan base by working with NFL legends. FanDuel’s Super Bowl ads featuring Gronk’s and paying respect to Weathers. The total media value of $1,391,762 from content around the advert has made it the fifth most talked about ad.

Paramount+ and UberEATS Shine with Star-Studded Super Bowl Collaborations

Collaborating with iconic celebrities boosted brand visibility for Paramount+ and UberEATS with UberEATS’ teaser videos featuring the Beckhams, Jennifer Aniston, and others going viral, generating $2,256,414 in media value. Paramount+’s ad featuring Patrick Stewart and Drew Barrymore propelled it to the seventh most talked-about ad, with a media value of $913,474.

Taylor Swift’s NFL Alignment Sparks Social Media Frenzy, Outshining Halftime Performer with $72M Media Value

Taylor Swift’s alignment with the NFL since September has brought a surge of fan engagement, with 1,258 social media posts since January 11th, 2024. Generating a total media value of $72,312,309, Taylor Swift eclipsed even the halftime performer, Usher, who generated $42,230,243 in media value. 

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