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WeArisma’s Partnership with Jing Daily: Global vs. Local Beauty Brand Dominance in China

🌐 Global brands like Guerlain showcased the power of celebrity endorsement in China, with Guerlain’s global ambassador Yang Yang’s two Weibo posts generating a media value of $873,400 and 3.5 million engagements. This underscores the substantial impact of celebrity influence in the market. Similarly, Dior Beauty effectively utilised celebrity partnerships, featuring actress Dilraba Dilmurat in its Rouge lipstick campaign, resulting in a media value of $631,100 and a 4% engagement rate.

“The difference between global and local brands is in marketing: international brands lean heavily on celebrity influence to help achieve significant exposure and traffic, while homegrown brands instead rely on quickly adapting to the dynamic local market, enlisting innovative marketing strategies, and responding much quicker to trends and ever-changing consumer demands.” 

🚀 Local brands Aupres, Proya, and Florasis thrived with tailored strategies. Chinese lifestyle influencerThurman猫一杯’s engaging Douyin video generated a media value of $476,300 for Aupres, while Proya leveraged Chinese actress Zhang Ruonan to generate $88,100 in media value, showcasing the power of tailored influencer strategies. Meanwhile, Florasis capitalised on Douyin’s creative content format with Chinese lifestyle KOL 言真inky’s videos, contributing $318,800 to their overall media value, highlighting Douyin’s power for beauty brands aiming to enhance their brand impact.

Stay tuned for the next launch of the leaderboard in February. It’ll be interesting to see the top beauty brands who are activating their share of voice in the Chinese market.

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