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WeArimsa in WWD On the Most Influential Luxury Brands at The Golden Globes

In our most recent feature in WWD, we talked about the most celebrated luxury brands at the Golden Globes and the influential sources and designs behind their success. 

“According to a report from WeArisma, an influence analytics company, more than 1,000 pieces of content were shared between celebrities attending and press coverage on social media in regard to the red carpet fashion. The media value of the Golden Globes totaled nearly $29 million.”

“Brands in the top 10 list that generated the most media value from the Golden Globes included Prada at $5.5 million; Dior at $3.1 million, and Schiaparelli at $2.9 million.”

“Billie Eilish’s Willy Chavarria thrifted look and Gabriela Hearst with Gillian Anderson’s viral dress emerged as fun collaborations on the red carpet, generating media values of $152,739 and $174,143.”

Read the full feature on WWD to uncover the success of the most iconic luxury  brands at the 2024 Golden Globes here.

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