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WeArisma in TechRound Named the Top AI Start-up to Look Out For in 2024

We are delighted to share that WeArisma has been featured in TechRound and named as one of the “Top 20 UK and EU Artificial Intelligence Startups To Look Out For in 2024”.

“WeArisma has found the perfect blend of human expertise and AI to make a significant impact on the world of influencer marketing and earned media optimisation. The platform combines cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities to showcase which brands, products, topics and content target customers are influenced by.”

“Drawing on over 7 years of historical global data across 15,000 brands, more than 70 countries, 20 languages and key social media platforms, it combines the industry’s highest quality data and software to offer unique and actionable insights.”

Read the full article to discover how our platform is helping some of the world’s most valuable brands measure and optimise their influencer marketing impact and improve brand affinity. Read the full article here.

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