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Listen: Keep Optimising Podcast – How to Find the Right Influencers with Jenny Tsai, Founder and CEO at Wearisma

We’re delighted to share that Wearisma’s Founder and CEO Jenny Tsai is the most recent feature on the Keep Optimising Podcast with Chloe Thomas.

Listen now to discover:

  • The key steps to finding the right influencers to work with and why the traditional influencer of celebrities are only one small piece of the puzzle.
  • What tokenistic marketing is and how it comes into play in the process of influencer selection to ensure your brand remains authentic and inclusive.
  • The free resources from Wearisma your brand can tap into to determine a successful strategy and grow your influence globally.

And more…

Listen here:

Getting started

6 years ago Jenny Tsai, Founder and CEO at Wearisma, left the world of media and publishing to create the influencer marketing insights platform that the brilliant, big, fashion brands she was working with needed. Wearisma is now a key part of the influencer marketing activity of brands as diverse as New Look, Ann Summers, Made.com, Michael Kors, Clarins and Hermes. Wearisma is at the cutting edge of how Influencer Marketing is evolving.

Seeing that social media was transforming the way brands engage with consumers, Jenny founded Wearisma in 2015.

When Jenny started the company, she was unsure of how influencer marketing was taking shape. Wearisma’s first product was an affiliate app that helped brands through influencer recommendations. Wearisma have eventually added more functionality to help brands gain better insight into this type of marketing.

Finding the right influencers for your brand

It used to be that marketers looked at influencer marketing as just finding someone you know on social media, bringing them on board, and getting them to talk about your brand. But as the number of influencers have significantly grown, it has become harder to pick out who to tap for your influencer campaign.

What you want to do first is identify what your brand stands for and the purpose of your communication. Then you can look for people who are already supporters of your brand, and people who are active in your space.

Next, consider the performance of your influencers and their level of engagement. Lastly, find out if they have audiences that are relevant to you.

About Tokenistic Marketing

Tokenistic marketing refers to picking out influencers because of their profiles and not partnering with those who are part of communities your brand claims to support.

The importance of having influencers who fit your brand the right way is showing your audience that you’re marketing in a more deliberate and thoughtful way, and having someone who has the same vision as you. This will have a great impact on your brand and provide better results.

The right number of influencers

Jenny Tsai says it’s all about building a community of people who genuinely like your brand and your product enough to talk about it.

You can work with any number in the beginning and trim it down but what’s important is having continuous engagement, building community, and maximizing brand advocacy.

It’s all about knowing and growing your influence. You can’t think of influencer marketing on its own as it has great power to bring a huge and positive impact to other areas of your business. It all starts with building a strong community of people who already love your brand.”


Insider Tips with Jenny Tsai

After inspiring someone to take their first step with influencer marketing — what do they need to know to give themselves the best chance of success?

Jenny goes back to her 3 criteria and recommends that you look at:

  • The influencer’s brand fit.
  • If the influencer talks about your brand or if their audience is engaged with the topics relevant to your brand.
  • Whether the influencer has the right audience.

What’s your favourite way to improve influencer marketing performance?

Jenny says that for influencer marketing, like any other marketing channel, you have to measure, measure, measure.

Look at your KPIs, your metrics, and then figure out where you can improve.

If someone listening wants to learn more about influencer marketing is there one cheap/free resource you’d recommend?

Access free tools which show you the benchmarks of Engagement Rates at the click of a few buttons.

Download our brand advocacy report that has useful information on how to create a successful brand advocacy strategy, plus watch webinar videos to help you create a strong community.

If someone listening wants to learn more about influencer crystal ball time — what’s coming up in the next 6–12 months that we should be getting ready for in influencer marketing?

Brand advocacy and driving the maximum volume of positive advocacy for your brand will be the focus for influencer marketing.

It’s important to not forget to engage with both your customers and influencers because they’re critical to generating positive brand advocates for you and your brand.

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