The Brands Consumers are Engaging with During Covid-19

With many of us stuck inside during this anxious time we have been trying new things which we wouldn’t have necessarily done before, treating ourselves, and taking up hobbies to fill in the boredom. Wearisma’s insights and analysis team have identified significant changes in online conversations and trends as we adapt to a lock-down world.

Sweet Treats

While we are stuck inside during this difficult period most of us are treating ourselves with sweets and treats, to the benefit of confectionery manufacturers. Our team has spotted chocolate brands such as Green and Blacks generating more online buzz, with a 278% increase in engagement of their content and a 125% increase in mentions from the previous month. Lindt has similarly benefited, with a massive 790% increase in engagement and a 144% increase in mentions from the previous month.

E-Subscriptions and Specialised Online Retailers

We have also tracked an increase in e-commerce food and drink subscriptions. The trend is on the up as many are unwilling to venture out and risk contracting the virus. Online retailers that have seen an increase due to the lockdown include Wine Majestic who has seen a whopping 150,000% increase in engagements from influencers from the previous month. Pasta Evangelist has also grown significantly in the past month. With the help of macro-influencers such as Victoria Magrath (@inthefrow) and Josie Fear (@josieldn)  they received over 250K engagements in related content an increase from nearly none the previous month.


People have had more spare time stuck inside and as a result, many have turned hobbies such as baking to fill it. We identified an 85% increase in engagements around ‘baking’ related hashtags and handles, as well as a 165% increase in mentions from the previous month. Interestingly consumers have developed a taste specifically for Banana bread with a 319% increase in engagements and 313% in mentions over the past month.

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