The Top Luxury Car Brands by UK Influencers Q1 2019

Wearisma is excited to announce the launch of ‘The State of UK Automotive Influence’. This new whitepaper is full of data-driven insights, revealing how UK influencers are discussing cars online in Q1 2019. The automotive industry has been described as a vital part of the UK Economy and our research reveals that influencers have a part to play in the future of the industry. Compared to other industries, we found that UK car and motorcycle influencers had the joint highest average category engagement rate – 7.4% – in the UK in Q1 2019, which equates to receiving the most likes and comments per 100 followers.

To obtain a clearer picture of the dynamic relationship between the automotive and influencer marketing industry, it’s important to understand which brands are already leading the way in driving influencer conversations. Our analysis revealed that luxury cars are particularly popular, with supercars making up 89% of influencer conversations. Utilising our sophisticated A.I. tools we have created a definitive list of the most talked about luxury automotive brands among UK influencers in Q1 2019. To add some colour to this list, we’ve conducted a deep-dive into how the top 3 luxury automotive brands have gone about curating engaging influencer strategies.

Source: Wearisma Data
Country: UK
Timeline: Q1 2019


Mercedes tops our list for automotive brands both in volume metrics (such as the number of influencers and mentions) and value metrics (such as engagement and media value). Mercedes has a 16% share of voice of automotive influencers and 24% of both the media value and engagement when compared with the 10 other luxury vehicle brands.


With 19.5 million social media users following its main Instagram account
@lamborghini, the Italian luxury sports car and SUV manufacturer has
the second highest number of influencer mentions of the top 10 luxury
car brands and also comes second for engagement and media value.
On average, Lamborghini received the most mentions per influencer,
suggesting that it chooses its partners wisely and seeks to prioritise mid to long-term collaborations.

No. 3 BMW

Out of the top 10 luxury automotive brands, BMW has the highest celebrity following, with a substantial 54% of influencers falling into the celebrity content category – a sector that accounts for just 18% of the engagement.

BMW’s mission to extend its reach by creating “relevant and snackable” content according to Global Head of Digital Marketing Jörg Poggenpohl, has seen the brand engage in partnerships with lifestyle, music and fashion influencers.

To find out more about the top supercar types and the top mass market car brands, download ‘The State of UK Automotive Influence’ white paper now.