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Who was UK’s most popular Beauty Brand in 2018?

It’s nearly the end of the year; a reflective time, where we take stock of everything we’ve accomplished thus far. Here at Wearisma, we’ve utilised intelligent data to provide a complete list of the top brands in Beauty, Fashion and Luxury who have conquered Influencer Marketing in four countries (US, UK, Japan and France) in 2018. In this post we’ve revealed the most popular Beauty brands in the UK. By combining this data with in-depth analysis, we’ve been able to reveal their successful strategies and give insights into the techniques that you should be using in 2019 and beyond!

In the UK, Mac was the most mentioned beauty brand for 2018. The beauty brand is also one of the top three most mentioned in USA, France and Japan. This success could be attributed to the brands global outlook in terms of influencer marketing. If having multiple pages for multiple regions wasn’t enough (e.g. @maccosmeticsuk, @maccosmeticsjapan etc), for their latest lipstick launch MAC has enlisted influencers from approximately 10 countries around the globe.

Charlotte Tilbury received the fifth highest number of mentions from UK audiences in 2018. The success of the proclaimed Taylor Swift of Beauty can also be attributed to the fact that Charlotte Tilbury positions herself as an ‘Industry Insider’; influencers that hold professional positions within the industry (one of Wearisma’s Personas to watch). Tilbury utilises the brand’s social media platform as her own, creating an element of personability.

After only launching in 2017, Fenty Beauty has shot to the top of the charts, becoming the 9th most mentioned beauty brand in the UK for 2018. This position can be attributed to Fenty Beauty’s digital push for inclusion in the beauty industry. The brand’s impressive shade range has allowed beauty influencers from a large set of diverse backgrounds to review their products – fully encapsulating their ‘Beauty For All’ mantra.

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