EBook: Your Complete Guide to Brand Advocacy

Follow this guid to level up your brand strategy!

To access the steps to success on all things Brand Advocacy, download our Ebook today.

Research reveals that ‘customers referred by brand advocates have a 37% higher retention rate,’ it’s clear that consumer’s decisions and buying purchases are and will continue to be heavily influenced by social media content and those promoting branded content.

In this EBook you’ll find out how to:

  • Gain access to detecting authentic and real-time data to discover consumers who are creating organic and high engaging content for your brand.
  • Use cross-platform influencer monitoring and analysis to make informed, data-driven decisions on how to choose the best advocates.
  • Drive effective Tiered Gifting with Wearisma’s easy-to-follow steps and benchmarking, to see those who are top-performing. Access to evaluating which influencers work best for your brand.
  • Continue to measure the impact and success of your advocate’s performances with Wearisma’s easy-to-use tools and downloadable reporting.