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Wearisma helps you make informed decisions backed by sophisticated data.

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Is your team equipped with the right tools to succeed?

Your challenge: Manual processes.

Solution: Wearisma offers flexible tools which connect brands and influencers to deliver a means of communication across teams, even globally. Shorten the hours spent looking for the right partners. With Wearisma you can minimise this task to just minutes by searching and filtering for the right fit.

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Your challenge: Lack of transparency.

Solution: Wearisma enables you to know which brand has previously worked with which influencer. All of your influencer information, history and processes can be accessed across your entire department - whether it’s a team of two or two hundred.

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Your challenge: Inability to track success.

Solution: Wearisma allows you to understand and quantify the value of your influencer relationships. Analyse the performance of campaigns in relation to your KPI’s to improve engagement over time. Set up and access automated reporting that showcases your success and paid media impact.

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Your challenge: Lack of brand alignment.

Solution: Wearisma enables you to discover influencers who accurately meet your target criteria. Through our software, you can filter and assess several data points. Allowing you to make intelligent decisions on whether the influencer's audience and content aligns with your brand.

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Matching top brands with impactful influencers.

The team at Wearisma are professional, acknowledged and experts at working with social influencers using their analytics platform to deliver a measured social media campaign.

- Time Inc.

We really enjoyed working together with Wearisma. The team is innovative, fun to work with and always problem solving. Their influencer marketing scheme was executed flawlessly and successfully increased the awareness of our brand.

- Pixi Beauty

Make informed decisions with sophisticated analytics.

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