Wearisma’s Influencer Insights: Japan

In the first of our new series investigating Influencer Marketing around the globe Wearisma has conducted a deep dive into Influencer Marketing in Japan. Find out which brands and Influencers are paving the way and driving online conversations in this region.

Crowd Pleasing Cosmetics [Infographic]

As part of our partnership with CEW France to create The State of French Beauty Influence White Paper, we have discovered the specific cosmetics that brands should be promoting online with the help of Influencers. We have revealed the cosmetics that are not only the most popular with Beauty Influencers but the ones that produce […]

How are leading FMCG brands doing Influencer Marketing?

Fashion and Beauty brands easily lend themselves to social media promotion due to the visual nature of their products. So, when engaging in Influencer Marketing the main question for these brands is ‘who?’. Due to their products being more functional than visual, FMCG brands showcase innovative Influencer Marketing strategies to grab people’s attention. Recently, consumers […]

How can K-Beauty Withstand Global Competition: Lessons from France

Despite the growing online furore, K-Beauty faces challenges which may curtail the global social media penetration of K-Beauty brands. Taking lessons from France – a country that plays an important role in the cosmetics industry, both nationally and internationally, Wearisma has revealed winning influencer marketing strategies that K-Beauty brands can implement to ensure online domination. […]

Influencer Marketing for J-Beauty: Lessons from France

Fresh off the heels of an exciting new partnership with CEW France – a leading network for beauty professionals, Wearisma has launched ‘The State of French Beauty Influence’ white paper. This joint publication delivered fresh insights into the growth of the beauty industry and how Influencers are driving online conversations in this sector. The global […]

Wearima Launches The State of French Beauty Influence with CEW France

Last Week, Wearisma announced a new, one of a kind partnership with CEW France – an international network of key stakeholders within the world of beauty. This partnership has resulted in the publication of ‘The State of French Beauty Influence’ a joint white paper revealing never before seen, valuable insights into the emerging French beauty […]