To equip teams with the technology to develop long-term relationships with influencers worldwide.

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How it Works

Powerful discovery.

Scout out influencers who meet your exact targeting criteria. Powered by AI, supported by humans.

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Quality, trusted influencers.

Tap into our databases of thousands of curated influencers, all vetted by our local experts. Easily analyse their historical activity before committing to a relationship.

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Private and secure software.

Integrate all of your data on our simple and elegant platform. Seamlessly append your own existing influencer information for accurate and up to date statistics.

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Your institutional IP.

Store historical collaboration data, internal ratings and notes for colleagues to access.

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Effortless, direct communication.

Build your very own relationships, without any third-party providers in between. You manage campaigns directly, end-to-end.

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Comprehensive tracking and reporting.

Understand and quantify the value of your influencer relationships over time. Access automated reports to showcase your success.

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Build valuable relationships at scale.

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