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Meet Our Two Services

Service 1: Wearisma Market & Competitive Insights

Our Market and Competitive Insights provide you with powerful industry benchmarks. Global, regional and local teams can assess and compare performances and build effective strategies across 47 markets from APAC (including China) to EMEA to the Americas. It's never been so easy to Think Global and Act Local!

Service 2: Wearisma Influencer Marketing Software

Our Influencer Marketing Software equip you to execute any campaigns, seeding and outreach effort with the best sets of information during the selection and identification process. Also, you can automatically measure 360-degree campaign results across all major platforms. You can be data-driven, creative and strategic from the get-go; no more manual admin!

How It Works

Easily Measure and Assess Earned and Paid Values and Return with Powerful Benchmarks.

Understand and quantify the value of your influencer relationships over time. Access automated reports to measure and showcase your success with powerful and meaningful benchmarks.

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Worldwide Quality Influencer Search

Help brands discover and select influencers across 47+ countries, including China. Powered by AI, supported by humans.

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Evaluate Quality with Key Metrics and Proven Track Record

Wearisma verified influencers are all vetted by our local experts. Easily analyse their historical activity before committing to a relationship.

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Easily Create and Compare Flexible Benchmarks

Integrate all of your data on our simple and elegant platform. Seamlessly append your own existing influencer information for accurate and up to date statistics.

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Create your Relationship Database All in One-Place

Store historical collaboration data, internal ratings and notes for colleagues to access.

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Build genuine communities at scale.

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