Download Week 2 of our Mini-Series [Webinar] 'On the road to recovery? What we can learn form Asia.''

Posted by on February 9, 2020

In this webinar, hosts Jenny Tsai (Wearisma CEO) and Yves Bougon (APAC Business & Media Expert and Wearisma Board Advisor) share insights into the following topics:

1. How did/are the Chinese consumers responding during and after the outbreak in terms of media consumption and purchasing behaviour?

2. How did influencers and brands respond in return?

3. What are the immediate and H2 2020 priorities amongst brands in the region?

4. What impact do the Chinese consumers have on the rest of the region?

5. Given the changing consumer behaviour, what potential impact may COVID-19 have in the long run?

6. Lessons Learned and Wearisma Recommendations

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