Download Mini-Series Week 5:  [Webinar] 'Views from the world: how brands and Influencers can and should communicate' (deck)

Posted by on April 15, 2020

Jenny Tsai, our Founder and CEO, were joined by Julietta Dexter, Founder & CEO of The Communications Store, Juliette Truffy, Strategist at Dentsu Aegis Network, and Alexandre Olmedo, Entrepreneur and Investor at Fast Track to discuss, from their professional experiences across EMEA, US, and APAC, in particular, in the UK, Japan and Singapore:

1. Which common topics were trending amongst social communities pre/post lockdown (UK v. China v. France)?
2. What is happening in different countries (UK, Japan, Singapore) and how have the measures impacted different sectors?
3. What have been the key changes in public sentiment and consumer behaviours? What does this mean for brands in the way they communicate?
4. In addition to communication, what can brands also do to meet the expectation consumers place on them and increase their capability in response to the acceleration of consumer demand online?

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