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Posted by on February 9, 2020

We’re currently experiencing a seismic shift in human behaviour, one that has greatly increased the importance of being online.

In an effort to document the changing behaviour of various online communities and our way of life, and to highlight the way brands are/ should be responding in this current climate, Wearisma is announcing a new mini-series “(Digital) Life in the Time of Coronavirus”

From in-depth analysis to digital-forums to webinars, “(Digital) Life in the Time of Coronavirus” will give you an insightful and digestible view on this new digital world of influence on a weekly basis.

**Slack Channel**

As part of the mini-series, Wearisma is also launching a slack channel! Here we want to provide you, the professional community, with a space to digest, share information and learn about how to adapt and respond during these unprecedented times. Look forward to seeing you there!

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