How can K-Beauty Withstand Global Competition: Lessons from France

Despite the growing online furore, K-Beauty faces challenges which may curtail the global social media penetration of K-Beauty brands. Taking lessons from France – a country that plays an important role in the cosmetics industry, both nationally and internationally, Wearisma has revealed winning influencer marketing strategies that K-Beauty brands can implement to ensure online domination. […]

Influencer Marketing for J-Beauty: Lessons from France

Fresh off the heels of an exciting new partnership with CEW France – a leading network for beauty professionals, Wearisma has launched ‘The State of French Beauty Influence’ white paper. This joint publication delivered fresh insights into the growth of the beauty industry and how Influencers are driving online conversations in this sector. The global […]

Wearima Launches The State of French Beauty Influence with CEW France

Last Week, Wearisma announced a new, one of a kind partnership with CEW France – an international network of key stakeholders within the world of beauty. This partnership has resulted in the publication of ‘The State of French Beauty Influence’ a joint white paper revealing never before seen, valuable insights into the emerging French beauty […]

Influencers Reveal the Makeup of China’s Beauty Industry

The global cosmetics market is expected to grow by 7% between 2018 and 2023 and this growth has become a hotbed for digital disruption. ‘Born-digital’ and independent beauty brands have been growing four times as fast as the larger legacy brands, revealing a clear preference for novelty among global beauty consumers. Our own analysis further […]


As Valentine’s day draws near, love is in the air and #CoupleGoals are on our timelines. While declining marriage rates may have you questioning the legitimacy of the ‘Happily Ever After’, they fail to reveal the changing shape of modern day romance. For example, the UK’s Office of National Statistics reported that the fastest growing […]

Top 4 Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2019

Happy 2019! 2019 is officially in full swing and Influencer Marketing has already experienced significant advancements. As the industry grows from strength to strength brands and Influencer Marketers alike need to continually adapt or risk being left behind. At Wearisma, our data and analytics teams have identified 4 key upcoming trends to help you get […]