3 US Health & Wellness brands winning with Influencer Marketing

In 2019, Health and Wellness have been at the forefront of a lot of minds and arguably, social media has had a strong impact on this growth. A Healthline survey investigating the trends among Health and Wellness Influencers found that there are social media accounts providing advice and content on just about every health-related condition. […]

Wearisma at The Conde Nast Summit Forum of Social Influencer

Last week, at The One in Taipei, Wearisma was delighted to present at The Conde Nast Summit Forum of Social Influencer; the first and biggest influencer marketing forum in Taiwan.  Over 500 professionals from the likes of Chanel, Estee Lauder group and LVMH gathered to hear the latest insights from the influencer space. Speakers revealed […]

Wearisma’s Ones to Watch Q2 2019: Sustainability Influencers

Sustainability is slowly becoming one of the main criteria that consumers consider during their purchasing decisions. When brands embrace sustainable practices, they’ll only maintain authenticity if they are working with brand advocates and influencers who organically live and promote sustainable lifestyles. To give you an idea of the type of people you should be working […]

3 Influencer Marketing Best Practices

In this post, Wearisma will provide you with 3 Influencer Marketing Best Practices, necessary for any brand aiming to generate a winning influencer strategy.  With brands investing in Influencer Marketing at an increasing rate, it’s important to make sure that you’re making the highest return possible. For brands just developing an influencer marketing strategy, the […]

5 facts which prove why you need an influencer strategy

You may have read one or two news articles claiming that the Influencer Marketing bubble has burst but that sentiment couldn’t be further from reality.  The concept of the ‘Influencer’ has been somewhat distorted as of late so we’ll provide you with a quick refresher. Influencers are passionate content creators who aim to provide honest […]

The Top 10 Destinations for your Influencer #PressTrip

Sponsored Influencer trips are among the most costly investments for brands but often produce the highest rewards. Wearisma’s Travel Index reveals 2019’s top 10 Influencer destinations to ensure you get highly engaging content when organising your next #presstrip.  Tourism under the influence of Influencers It’s August, we’ve officially hit the height of summer and many […]